- Application Form

- Certified copy of Will, if the will is registered OR Attested copy of Will, if the Will is
UN-registered. In case, the Will is in a language, other than English, Hindi or Punjabi, a translated copy of the Will in English or Punjabi may also be attached.

- Liability Affidavit of beneficiaries of the Will.

- Affidavits regarding No objection from all the left-out legal heirs if the property is
bequeathed to one of the legal heirs or anyone outside the family on the basis of a will.

- Original Death Certificate of deceased Owner.

- Photographs of all Legal Heirs of the beneficiaries of Will.

- Photo identity proofs of all beneficiaries / Applicants.

- Affidavit of attesting witnesses (applicable only for unregistered Will).

- Clearance of previous mortgage / Loan / Redemption Deed.

Download Booklet

Time limit: 45 days

NOTE: It would be preferred to print on A4 sheet.