Mission of Amritsar Development Authority :

To ensure planned development of Amritsar city in consonance with it's rich cultural heritage.To ensure planned development of Amritsar city in consonance with it's rich cultural heritage.To ensure planned development of Amritsar city in consonance with it's rich cultural heritage.

Land Pooling Scheme

  1. To ensure complete participation of the land owners in the infrastructure development the State notified the land pooling scheme. Under the scheme, land owners have the option of having land residential as well as commercial in vieu of their land acquired. The details of land to be allotted against land acquired is as under:-land-pooling-scheme1
  2. Land owners will have the option of having size of plots according to their choice. For example against 1 acre of land acquired the land owner can have plots of size of 500,400,100 sq.yard 500,300 or 200 sq.yard.
  3. In case of commercial land to be allotted no option would be given to the land owner in choosing the size. Commercial space will be allotted in a preferential manner going from big to small size.
  4. Allotment of booth residential & commercial sites will be done through draw of lots.
  5. Land owners can apply for land pooling jointly or in dependently.
  6. Booth will be allotted instead of a site in case of land acquired from 10 sq.yard to 40 sq.yard. There booths will be constructed by GLADA, but cost of construction to be incurred will be paid in advance by land owners.
  7. Special LOI
      • i) For land measuring less than one acre the land owner can avail cash compensation or can have special LOI, which he can sale or purchase. The LOI and special Letter of Intents of a single scheme can be clubbed ¬†together. A transfer fee of 2% will be charged on sale/purchase of Letters of Intents.
      • ii) Option of relocation of covered area by the land owner under Relocation policy: The government has formulated a relocation policy for the land owners who want in reside in the village. As per this policy, in proportion to covered area in the land acquired, the owner will be allotted land on the village outskirts. The compensation of constructed area will be given as per the land acquisition policy.


        The relocation policy will be governed by some conditions:-

        1. It the land owner opts for land at some other place in the village, he will not be effected to take plot under oustee category.

        2. It only agriculture land of a village is being acquired, land will be relocated in another nearby village.

        3. It there is no population/redline in the area being acquired, the relocation of houses will be done at an appropriate place and for that purpose land can be acquired separately if the need is felt.

      • III) The land owners who would opt for cash compensation for their land acquired, will also be allotted plots under oustee category as detailed in the table:land-pooling-scheme3

        It only a house is constructed on land acquire, land owner will be entitled for a Plot or flat as under:-land-pooling-scheme4

        A Compensation of Shamlat land will be credited to account of Village Panchyat.

        The land owner where land has been acquired, will be entitled for an electricity connection on priority, wherever he purchases land in the State.

        If the land owner purchases land somewhere else by spending cash compensation, stamp duty & registration charges will not be charged from him.